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We offer several premium backup options, available for specific packages - some are free, some are available for extra fee. 

For our Linux - Mocha and WordPress Advanced packages (purchased after Jan 1st, 2018), we offer complimentary free daily backup option, which can be configured directly inside your cPanel control panel under "Mocha Backup" tool available in the "Files" section of cPanel. The tool has a limit of 5GB, which means that if your account exceeds 5GB, it won't be available for daily backup.

For our Linux cPanel based accounts, you can configure daily backup directly from your WHM control panel, which can be run on the same VPS, or it can be configured to a remote storage. For more information, please check: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/74Docs/Backup+Configuration

For any other packages, please contact our support team for more information on available premium backup options and pricing.

Disaster Recovery (DR) backups are available for most packages (weekly or bi-weekly) - please check the package details for the exact features/limitations, and if the DR option is available for your package.

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