PHP + Java Hosting on Shared and Private JVM (cPanel) Print

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Please follow the instructions below in order to host both PHP and Java under the same cPanel account.

Shared Tomcat plans:

You can map Tomcat to serve JSP content only within your public_html folder, every other directory under the website will be processed by PHP.

Private JVM (Tomcat):

To get support for PHP you will need to create a sub-domain for your website which is not mapped to Tomcat, so it will be processed directly by Apache (PHP). To do that please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Cpanel.

2. Click Subdomain.

3. Fill in the sub-domain name and choose Create.

4. Go to the Private JVM under MOCHA TOOLS.

5. Mapp the sub-domain if you wish to be processed by Tomcat, or leave it unmapped if you wish to be processed by PHP.

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