Configure OpenCart with Memcached unix socket Print

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NOTE: MemCached is available on our Mocha (Linux) package, and WordPress Advanced packages only!

1) Enable Memcached server from cPanel, for more information, please refer to the following article

2) Download OpenCart Memcached database driver from

3) Copy all files into the web directory.

4) Change your database driver to mysqli_memcached (config.php)

5) Change your cache driver to null (index.php)

6) Open mysqli_memcached.php with cPanel file manager or via FTP/SSH (This file is located in your opencart web directory/system/library/db/mysqli_memcached.php)

7) Replace the lines below:

    private $_memcached_hostname   = 'localhost';
    private $_memcached_port       =  11211;

    private $_memcached_hostname   = '/home/YourUsername/memcached.sock';
    private $_memcached_port       =  0;

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