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In order to use Google for your emailservice with any of your domains that are registered through us (areusing our DNS servers), we are providing you with instructions onwhat changes need to take place based on your control panel.

cPanel Control Panel (All Linux Shared,Linux Reseller Packages)

1. Login to your cPanel controlpanel

2. Navigate to your Mail section and then -> Mxentry

3. Remove all existing MX entries

4. You have to set the following MXrecords for Google apps:

Priority / Server

1 /

5 /

5 /

10 /

10 /

10 /

10 /

5. Last step required is for you to setthe following CNAME Record from the cPanel - Advanced DNS Zoneeditor:


Name: mail

TTL: 3600


(Available with all of ourWindows Shared, Windows Shared Reseller packages)

1. Login to your SolidCP

2. Select Domains -> The exactdomain that you want to set MX -> Edit DNS

zone records (at the right side of yourscreen)

3.You have to set the following recordsfor Google apps:

CNAME Record Name / Record Data :

webmail /

MX Records Priority / Server

1 /

5 /

5 /

10 /

10 /

10 /

10 /

Plesk Control Panel:

1.Log in to your Plesk Control Panel.

2. Go to Home-> Domains-> Theexact domain that you want to add mx records->DNS Settings

3. Remove all records that hassomething to do with mail.There select following 3 A records, A/CNAME records & MX records and

Click on Remove.

It will ask for the confirmationselect the confirmation box (Click OK)

4. Click on add records.

Record Type : CNAME

Enter domain name : mail

Enter a canonical name : OK)

5. Click again on Add Record

Record Type: MX

Enter domain name : leave it blank

Enter mail exchanger :


8. You will need to repeat theabove step to create additional MX records for redundancy.

You can use the above mailexchanger values and set the priority for each one:

9. After adding MX records Disable thecurrent mail service in Plesk. you can do it with below steps:

domain > Mail Accounts > Mailsettings/Mail preferences

uncheck the box ” Activate mailservice on domain” and set webmail “none”.

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