CloudFlare and SSL If you are using CloudFlare, you can setup your domain hosted with us to include SSL or disable... Differences between shared SSL and private SSL What is the difference between shared SSL and private SSL? SSL (secure socket layers) encrypts... Generate CSR To Generate a Certificate Signing Request for Apache 2.x1. Log in to your server's terminal... Generate SSH Key on Linux It's very easy to generate a ssh key on Linux!Execute the following command to generate a SSH... Generate SSH Key on Windows Download PuTTY and PuTTYgen for... How to obtain a private SSL ? In order for us to issue SSL certificate for your domain name you need: 1) open a support a... I have just installed my SSL - what"s next? Once you have installed your SSL on your domain/sub-domain, you should be able to access your... IIS - Redirect website to https The redirect from http to https in IIS can be accomplished with the following code added in the... Let"s Encrypt Limits The following limits apply to all Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, regardless of the actual... Let"s Encrypt domain error If you see the error below in our cPanel Let's Encrypt plugin for both shared or VPS/Cloud:Error... Mixed content Error after SSL installation Once your SSL certificate is installed, you need to make sure that all of the pages that will be... SSL Encrypted connection to MS SQL 2012 Servers To use SSL Encrypted connection to our MS SQL 2012 Servers, please add the following to your... We offer SSL (private) certificates. We offer SSL (own) certificates for $64.95/year for any of our plans.
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