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Dueto the constantly increasing brute force attacks against WordPress sites, wehave implemented couple of additional server side measures, one of whichincludes extra authentication layer for your WordPress and Joomla login pageand prevent your account from being compromised.

Formore information regarding this attacks please check the following article: 

TheHuman Verification authentication layer is aimed to prevent most of thoseattacks. This security script will prompt for username and password whenaccessing the administration page of the Wordpress/Joomla. The authenticationmethod will ask the user trying to log in, to type in a user name and passwordwhich will be provided in the prompt window. Please, note that thisusername/password is in addition to your standard Administratorusername/password.

When you enter the extra username/password you should be able to access yourwebsites properly but at the same time, this authentication will stop anybotnet script trying to get access to your account.
For more information on how to manage your Human Verification settings (Linux shared accounts) please, check:

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