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If you want to run Crystal Reportsversion 13 you need to follow the steps below :

1) Make sure that you have chosenASP.NET version 4 from your Web Site Panel.

/ In order to change your ASP.NETversion, please login to your control panel, go to Websites and clickon your website.We are providing ASP.NET 1.1.4, ASP.NET 2.0.5,ASP.NET 3.0, ASP.NET 3.5 , ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET 4.5. There youwill see the extensions tab. Please choose the desired asp.netversion. /

Note : version 4.5 is running under 4.0

2) Visual Studio 2010 supports Crystalreports ver. 13 so you have to use it . Visual Studio 2008 workswith Crystal Reports ver. 12 but it is requiring ASP.NET ver. 3 &3.5

3) It is necessary to have installedCR on the local station.You need to make sure you download thecorrect CR version - > CRVS2010 (SP 2) 13.0.2000.0

You can find it at the end of the pagebelow -

Note that 64 bit runtime isonly available as an MSI. There is no 64 bit MSM file available.

4) Make sure you setup full trustpermission on your root folder . The local service permission must besetup on your application pool .

5) Make sure the aspnet_client folderexists on your root folder.

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