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 Note: Webmatrix is available only for our Windows plans

  1. Launch WebMatrix
  2. Second step you will be asked for the database server, please select that you will use remote server and click Next.
  3. Next step you will be asked to download the application on your machine first (automatic process). Once it finish enter you will be asked for database details. First you need to create empty database from WebsitePanel by going to Databases → Create database and select database name. Then create database username by going to Create User, select username, password and assign it to your new database.
  4. From WebsitePanel go to your hosting plan and select View Space Summary at the right side. There you will find information for all servers and hostnames/IP addresses. Under databases select the database type and you will see exact IP address of the database server where it was created.
  5. Enter your database server details in WebMatrix: database server, database username, password, database name. Select your site title and administration panel username/password.
  6. Select Next and upload your database
  7. Once process is finished you will be able to Publish your application.
  8. You can use Web Deploy option to publish your files, go from WebsitePanel to Websites → website name → Web Publishing and enable it by selecting username and password.
  9. Go from WebMatrix to Publish and choose following options

Server: Enter your web server address – you can view your exact web server from View Space Summary.

Protocol: Web Deploy

User name: your management username

Password: password selected from management tab of your website

Site name: your website name

Destination URL: exact URL on which your site is accessed

10. Select validate connection and if it's successful go to Save. 



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