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If you have a VPS, Cloud or a Reseller account, in order for you to host domain names within your account you need to make sure that you have a valid registered domain name, and registered private DNS servers.

If you have already a domain name registered for example:, your 2 private DNS servers would like:

1) pointing to your VPS/Cloud IP, let's say
2) pointing to your VPS/Cloud IP, let's say (this can be different IP, if you have multiple IPs assigned to your server)

Now you need to contact your domain name registrar and have them "register" the above 2 DNS servers so that they can be used for any domain names that you want to host, regardless if these domain names are purchased from the same registrar or not.

The following are online Flash tutorials which will guide you through the process of creating (registering) private DNS servers at the most popular DNS registrars. If the domain name that you plan on using for your DNS servers is registered with us, please contact our support and we will help you with the registration of your custom DNS servers. If you don't see your domain name registrar in this list, we recommend that you contact the registrar through their support channel and instruct them that you need to have 2 DNS server registered, with the instructions provided above (some providers may refer to this process as a GLUE).

Please, note that some of these tutorials might not be 100% accurate due to constant changes of features & interfaces by the various domain name registrars. We recommend that you check for the exact instructions on how to register your custom DNS with your domain provider.

Creating Private DNS at

Please, note that in addition to the DNS private server registration, you need to setup the right DNS servers to be used within your cPanel/WHM or Plesk Control panel. If you need further assistance with this process, please contact our support.

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