Reseller JVM: Multiple JSP sites/NGASI instances support Print

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With each of our Reseller JVM accounts you can host multiple JSP sites where each site is created with its own private JVM/Tomcat instance. 

For example if you are using the Reseller JVM with 256MB heap memory size you can create up to 8 separate JVM/Tomcat instances each of which will utilize up to 32MB of heap memory or you can create 4 x 64MB JVM instances.

In addition for each of the created JVM instances YOUR clients can add multiple JSP sites per instance (these are visible only for the client to which you have assigned one of the JVM/Tomcat instances): 

1)After adding their domain names as parked or addon domain within their cPanel - they need to set the proper mappings for these domains: also need to Enable per application Virtual Hosting by following the steps:

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