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How to make a payment via Skrill or Bank Transfer  / Wire

You need to first place an order through our site and select for payment "Bank Transfer or Skrill", then make a payment through Skrill or Bank Transfer/Wire

The following processing time and fee applies for these payment methods:

- Skrill: $0 (within 24 hours of receiving your payment)

- Bank Transfer: $15.00  (1-5 business days)

NOTE: We require MINIMUM of 1 YEAR commitment for payments processed through Bank Transfer. No orders will be processed or money accepted unless they are placed with MINIMUM of 1 YEAR commitment.

To expedite the processing of your order, please submit your payment at your earliest convenience and contact our billing department by sending an email with the following payment confirmation details to [email protected]

For Wire Transfer:

- Originator Bank:
- Sender Name:
- Country:
- Amount:

For Skrill:

- Transaction ID #
- Sender Email:
- Amount:

You will get our account information to which to make the payment via Bank Transfer or Skrill once you place your order.

Once we receive your payment confirmation, your order will get processed, and you will receive a separate Account Activation (Welcome) Email, containing all of your account details, and login information.

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