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If you'd like to setup a database connection pool through JNDI for your MySQL database - please setup your database, database username and password and provide us with XML file like the sample below

* Note this applies only if you are a shared Tomcat client, if you have your own private JVM then you can setup this context directly through your Tomcat configuraiton files

   <Resource name="jdbc/SampleDB" auth="Container"
             type="javax.sql.DataSource" driverClassName="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
             url="jdbc:mysql://YOUR_DB_SERVER_NAME:3306/Sample_Database" (NOTE: We use Remote MySQL servers for most shared packages, check this article for details on what your hostname might be)
             username="mysql_user" password="mysql_pass" initialSize="1" maxActive="5" maxIdle="5"
             maxWait="15000" removeAbandoned="true" removeAbandonedTimeout="300" logAbandoned="true"
             validationQuery="select now();" />

You can either email us your XML file to support AT or attach it through our support system or simply upload it to your public_html folder and contact us so that we can set it up for you.

NOTE: We use Remote MySQL servers for most shared packages, check this article for details on what your hostname might be

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