Configure Memcached Wordpress plugin with Unix socket Print

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In this tutorial, we will install and activate "MemcacheD Is Your Friend" on Wordpress to reduce the server load and improve the site speed.

1. Enable Memcached server from cPanel, for more information, please refer to the following article

2. Login to your Wordpress as admin

3. Go to plugins -> Add New

4. Search for "Memcached Is Your Friend" and install it

5) Open wp-config.php with cPanel File Manager and add the following line:

$memcached_servers = array( 'default' => array('/home/YourUsername/memcached.sock:0'));

You can view the exact memcached.sock path from cPanel -> Mocha Memcached.

Port should be set to "0", when the socket is in use.

6. Under Wordpress Admin -> Tools -> Memcached you can see the unix socket is in use

memcached: /home/demo/memcached.sock:0
pid: 16005
uptime: 523
threads: 4
time: 1526849433

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