500 Internal Server Error (What is it There can be a lot of reasons why your website might be returning an alarming  "500 Internal... APC and OPcache support We support APC / OPcache on all of our Linux based plans. ASP.NET CPU optimization Fix your application and increase performance You can fix your application and increase... ASP.NET Core activation If you need to use ASP.NET Core for your website the application pool for your website should... ASP.NET Trust Level We run ASP.NET in Full Trust Level ASP.NET application pool memory optimization If your ASP.NET application pool reaches the private memory bytes limit IIS will recycle it to... Apache Server Version All of our servers are equiped with Apache version 2.0.x Automatic robots.txt inclusion Our performance monitoring and optimization system may automatically add "robots.txt" to one or... Changing PHP Version (Advanced PHP Selector) - Linux Shared Hosting With our Advanced PHP Selector tool (available to all of our Linux Shared Accounts purchased... Crystal Reports 13 Viewer Error: javascript object “bobj” not found Error: javascript object “bobj” not found. For the Crystal Reports 13 viewer to be loaded... Curl support We have support for Curl for all hosting plans Custom 404 ""Page Not Found"" on your site To setup your custom error page, you will need to use a .htaccess file. Put the following... Customizing Web Server Error Messages 404 (Windows Hosting) When visitors coming to a site request pages that the Web server cannot find, the Web server... Default char-set / encoding table If you need your default encoding / char-set for your site to be changed please, open a support... Domain/application pool recycle (Windows) NOTE: This article applies for our Windows accounts using IIS web server only Domain/application... Enabling Node.JS (Linux Cloud/Shared plans) Our Mocha, and WordPress Premium + Advanced packages offer support for NodeJS (Any accounts... Error ""Access denied with code 406"" OR Error ""Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server"" (mod_security) If you are seeing in your browser or in your site access log the following two error logs:... How do I set file permissions for files For any Linux based accounts, setting the right file permissions is very important since the... How to Preview your site in Plesk ? You can preview your site from Plesk by clicking on the Site preview button inside the domain.... How to clear a web browser's cache and cookies? When making changes to your website, upgrading your account, migrating your account from one... How to configure MIME type in SolidCP 1. Login in SolidCP - 2. Click on Websites 3. Click on the... How to deploy a Django Application and set your Python Environment NOTE: This article applies for Linux Shared (Business + Mocha packages ONLY). Step-By-Step:... How to enable parent paths for ASP To enable parent path support for IIS: 1. Login to Pleask control panel 2. Go to Domains... How to monitor your error logs (cPanel) To check your error log in Apache, please follow the steps below: 1. Login to your Cpanel. 2.... How to set a Database Connection string for your Application Before you can install any application, that is using a database, it is strongly recommended that... How to set a Database Connection string for your Application Before you can install any application, that is using a database, it is strongly recommended that... Human Verification (How to enable/disable?) In order to improve the security of your hosting account by default we have enabled a brute force... Increasing POST_MAX VARS via cPanel (Linux Shared accounts only) NOTE: This article applies only to our Linux Shared accounts! If you are getting an error... Investigating server load on a Linux server - VPS/Cloud This article contains a very small set of examples on how you can find who and what is taking too... Let"s Encrypt support As of July 2017, we offer support for Lets Encrypt for all of our linux hosting plans except for... Let's Encrypt Windows redirect If you are going to use automatic redirect from http to https, please make sure that you add... MS Internet Information Server We provide support for Internet Information Server Version 10 with Windows based hosting... Microsoft URL Rewrite module Your Windows account is coming with pre-installed Microsoft URL rewrite module. To learn how you... Monitor CPU performance in Windows with Resource Monitor Monitor CPU resources To monitor Windows memory consumption in real time you need to start the... Monitor Memory in Windows with Resource Monitor Monitor Memory Processes To monitor Windows memory consumption in real time you need to start... Monitor Network performance in Windows with Resource Monitor Monitor Network performance To monitor Windows memory consumption in real time you need to start... Monitor disk IO activities in Windows with Resource Monitor Monitor disk IO activities To monitor disk IO activities in Windows in real time you need to... Moving an ASP.NET Application from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0 When you upload IIS 6 applications to IIS 7 you need to change of the settings in the web.config.... Network issue troubleshooting If you are experiencing network connectivity issues, please at the time at which you are... OBSOLETE: We have support for Frontpage Extensions We do have support for FrontPage extensions. Please, use HTTP method to upload your files when... Own MIME types support Own MIME types support is included with all plans PrestaShop Optimization Guide The first step when optimizing PrestaShop is to make sure that you use the latest version of... Preview a website through your local hosts file For different reasons you might need to preview your website before updating your DNS servers... Redirect Traffic to SSL (https) Redirect traffic If you have already purchased and configured a SSL certificate for your website... Redirect Traffic to SSL (https) Redirect traffic If you have already purchased / installed a SSL certificate for your web site... Rejected-By-UrlScan URLScan v3.1 is a security tool that restricts the types of HTTP requests that Internet... Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is offered for our Mocha and Business plan with a commitment of 1, 2 or 3 years. SVN (subversion) support We do include SVN support with our Business and Mocha Linux plans with a commitment of 1, 2 or 3... Send email with smtp authentication using ASP.NET Following Codes demonstrates how to send an email with SMTP Authentication using ASP.NET:... Setting Date_Timezone for PHP (Cpanel) If your account is hosted either on or, please... Varnish What is Varnish? Varnish is a reverse HTTP proxy, sometimes referred to as a HTTP accelerator or... WWW prefix is not available for Windows domains This is caused because during domain creation the www prefix checkbox was not selected and the... We have support for JSP/Tomcat We have support for JSP/Tomcat with servlet support.  For complete overview please check... We have support for PHP versions 5.x & 7.x For our Linux packages our current PHP version support is: PHP 8.x, 7.x, 5.x, 4.x For our... We have support for Protected Directories We do have support for Linux & Windows protected directories which can be configured directly... We have support for Server Side Includes (SSI) NULL We have support for mod_perl All accounts come with support for mod_perlOur Apache server version is 2.0.x We support CGI scripts. All CGI scripts are executed from directory /var/www/cgi-bin/ and can be uploaded via FTP to... Web Application Firewall (WAF) - mod_security ModSecurity is an open source, cross-platform web application firewall (WAF) module. Known as the... Website Infections There are few frequently possible website infections. In the most of the cases the main site... Website Optimization Guide (Slow website trouble shoot!) The following is a list of articles which you can use to optimize your website performance, and... What is my username and password? All of the necessary login info for your FTP, Site Control Panel, and Customer Support is... Zend We have support for Zend Optimizer and ioncube optimizer for all plans django support We provide support for Django (Business & Mocha plans), but please note that Django is... http2 support All of our latest Linux/Windows cloud based packages come with support for http2. Our Windows... mod_rewrite support We do have support for mod_rewrite and .htaccess
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